Agritract is a Camden based business providing agricultural and landscaping services to customers throughout Sydney and Eastern New South Wales.

We specialise in grass slashing and acreage mowing, and are also equipped with mowers and brush cutters for smaller and hard to reach areas.

With over 30 years of experience working the land, our team of industry professionals can advise and tailor services to suit your needs.

Cleaned land


Is your property or home a fire hazard?

fire hazard reduction agritract1-240x80The harsh weather conditions in Australia including heavy rains and high temperatures produce thick vegetation that fuels bush fire. Agritract can take care of Fire Hazard Reduction by slashing suitable Fire Breaks around your home, property or acreage. Regular slashing will help protect your property by controlling dense thick grass.

Does this look like your backyard or property?

property maintenance agritract1-240x80With heavy duty Howard Slashing equipment, Agritract can take care of heavy, thick grass in paddocks or bushland requiring tractor grass slashing. We can also offer heavy duty mowing to remove thick heavy grass from around your home, property or acreage.

Do you have thick, long grass that needs slashing?

long grass slashing agritract1-240x80Agritract can take care of all slashing requirements whether it is grass control, light clearing, heavy duty mowing, or acreage slashing in all kinds of conditions. We have the equipment and machinery to service heavy grass, thick grass and field grass.